Organic Omega Sacha Inchi Seeds


Roasted & Unsalted

Organic Omega SACHA INCHI Seeds
An Omega-3 Superfood that Tastes like Nuts!
High in Omega Fats, Complete Protein & Antioxidants
Excellent Workout Snack or Alternative to Traditional Nuts
In 100g resealable pack
Produce of Peru


100% Organic Sacha Inchi Roasted Seeds

    • Certified Organic (USDA, EU)
    • Rich in Omega-3 (24%) and Complete Protein (29%)
    • Gluten-Free,Nut Allergen Free
    • Dry- Roasted
    • Vegan
    • Low GI
    • Non-GMO

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An Omega-3 Superfood that Tastes like Nuts!

Omega Sacha Seeds (or Sacha Inchi Seeds) may look and taste like nuts, but they are not nuts! They are seeds, albeit large seeds, of the Sacha Inchi plant.

This nutrient-dense superfood has impressive nutritional quality, with more Omega 3, protein (with all 9 essential amino acids) and dietary fiber than any other nut!

The Sacha Inchi plant is native to the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, where it has been cultivated for centuries by indigenous people for the seeds’ nutritional benefits. These seeds are not edible in its raw form, hence they are usually roasted. Nature’s Superfoods’ Omega Sacha Seeds have been dry-roasted to nutty, crunchy perfection. The controlled roasting process also improves the digestibility of the seeds.

These crunchy nutty delights make an excellent workout snack and a great alternative to traditional nuts with its richer nutrient profile (more Omega 3 and protein).

Nature’s Superfoods Omega Sacha Seeds are certified organic, with no added sugar, salt, additives or preservatives. Suitable for people with nut allergies.

Botanical name: Plukenetia volubilis

Organic Certifications: USDA, EU, JAS

Taste/Texture: Nutty with a crispy, crunchy texture

This superfood is now available in Singapore in 100g resealable pouches.

Credit to Nature’s Superfood

How To Use

How to enjoy Omega Sacha Seeds:

Eat these crunchy delights out of the bag, just like nuts!

Add them to salads, oatmeal, trail mix, yogurt, and granola, for that extra crunch.

Health Benefits

1) Promotes Heart Health

Due to the seeds’ rich nutrient profile like Omega fats, iron and antioxidants such as vitamin A and E, Sacha Inchi seeds helps reduce the risk of heart-related diseases by fighting against inflammation and oxidative stress. Sacha Inchi aids in maintaining healthy cholesterol ratio, lowering triglyceride level. and reducing insulin resistance which is often associated with type-II diabetes.

2) Great for Workout Nutrition – Muscle Building / Repair

Sacha Inchi is an excellent source of complete protein, containing all 9 essential amino acids that our body needs but does not produce. This is unique among the plant proteins, where one would need to combine both pea and rice protein in order to achieve a complete protein profile similar to Sacha Inchi. Furthermore, Sacha Inchi has excellent protein digestibility – thanks to its healthy fat content which helps the body absorb the protein. Protein is crucial in building, repairing, maintaining body cells and tissues and for fighting infections. In addition, Sacha Inchi is rich in iron which helps provide oxygen for the contraction / relaxation of muscles.

3) Improves Overall Wellbeing and Immune System – Anti-Inflammatory

Sacha Inchi is high in tryptophan, an amino acid that acts as a precursor to stimulate the production of serotonin, the feel-good hormone. This helps to stabilize mood and contribute to a sense of wellbeing. Sacha Inchi has strong anti-inflammatory benefits due to its Omega 3 content and vitamins A and E to help reduce free radical damage in the body.

4) Improves Brain Functions

Sacha Inchi helps the brain cells fight against inflammation, thus reducing risk of depression, fatigue, memory issues. Since the brain is mainly composed of fat, food sources with good fats like Sacha Inchi is crucial in developing and nourishing cell membrane and fight against all types of oxidative stress. Iron-rich Sacha Inchi also aids in the proper circulation of blood to the brain, improving cognitive functions and reducing brain disorders like dementia.

5) Maintains Healthy Vision

Sacha Inchi is rich in vitamin A (in the form of carotenoid beta-carotene) and vitamin E which help maintain good vision and overall eye health. Both nutrients are necessary to fight against harmful radicals that damage healthy eye cells. Like brain cells, the eyes also rely on good amounts of fats to function optimally.

 6) Promotes Bone, Hair and Skin health

Sacha Inchi has good amounts of all the minerals necessary for bone growth and strength like Omega 3, calcium, iron, potassium and phosphorus. The Omega fats help with calcium absorption which improves bone density and strength. These Omega fats also help to maintain skin elasticity, locking in moisture in both skin and hair.

7) Antioxidant Benefits

A study published in 2011 found that Sacha Inchi is an excellent source of antioxidant phenolic compounds and gamma-tocopherol which helps to combat damage caused by environmental free radicals, thus preventing serious illnesses from heart diseases to cancer.

Disclaimer: This information is not intended as medical advice. Nature’s Superfoods encourages everyone to make their own health care decisions, with advice from qualified professionals.

Nutrition Info

Sacha Inchi possesses numerous health benefits due to its good amounts of complete protein, Omega fats (3,6), vitamin A and E and dietary fibre. In addition, it is also rich in iron, calcium and potassium.

With its rich tryptophan content, Sacha Inchi helps stimulate the brain to produce more serotonin for a sense of well-being and to suppress hunger.

 Nutrition Facts

Servings per package(100g): 7-8
Serving size: 14g (12 to 15 pieces)

Per Serving Per 100g
Energy (Kcal.) 97 693
Protein 4.0g 28.9g
Total Fat 8.6g 61.7g
 – Saturated Fat 1.3g  9.1g
-Monounsaturated Fat 0.6g 4.6g
– Polyunsaturated Fat  6.5g 46.2g
– Omega-3 (ALA) 3413mg 24380mg
– Trans Fat 0g 0g
Cholesterol 0g 0g
Carbohydrate 0.8g 5.6g
  – Dietry Fiber 3.1g  22g
  – Sugars 0.1g 0.7g
Sodium 0mg 3mg

Recommended serving: 14g or 12-15 pieces a day. Suitable for all ages. Diabetic-friendly.

Storage: Seal tightly, pushing out excess air. Best kept refrigerated (or in a cool, dry place) in its original container.


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